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Suavecito Pomade is water-soluble, yet holds tight like a wax and shines like a grease pomade. Thanks to modern science, pomades have evolved while leaving behind the grease stained pillow cases and hair damaging degreasers that are required to remove these old pomades.

Traditionally, pomade is a greasy and waxy substance that is used to style hair. Pomade makes hair look slick, neat and shiny. Unlike hair spray and hair gel, petroleum-based pomades do not dry well and often require several washes to remove.

Pomade is most notably used for hair styles such as pompadours, slick-backs and side parts. Suavecito’s line of water soluble pomades offer the ability to produce the same hair styles as gel without the nasty side effects of drying out your hair and the creation of dandruff and flakes. Suavecito’s water-based pomade has an adjustable and re-combable hold. When applying our pomade, the damper your hair, the lighter the hold will be. Likewise, the dryer your hair, the stronger the hold will be. These features make our pomades a “must have” hair styling tool.

As for the affects that our great world-famous scent has on people, well, we will just save that for another time.

Suavecito Pomade

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