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    Lawrence Funk AKA Lawrence The Barber is a licensed barber and the owner of both Funk's Custom Clippers and Funk's Barbershop.


He designs custom Andis Master clippers, blades, faceplates, and razors and ensures quality control for each piece from start to finish.  Lawrence begins the process by discussing how the client would like to express their individuality and style. From there, brand new products  are disassembled for the artistic process then reassembled, fine-tuned, and delivered to the client.


Lawrence has created custom sets of clippers for barber professionals, hair stylists, celebrities, and businesses across the globe. Browse the shop or click below for your own personalized set and/or accessories!


429 S. Dearborn St

Chicago, IL 60605



Mon-Fri 10am-8pm

Saturdays 10am-6pm


To schedule an appointment call

(312) 982-2143



Funk's Custom Clippers Phone: 312. 607. 2230

Walk-ins welcome!

Click here to see the shop!

Scroll Down to see FUNK'S BARBERSHOP!

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